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Cleaning Up Fire and Smoke Damage in Sacramento CA

fire damage smoke damage water damageThe first day after a house fire is the most crucial time in the entire recovery process. During the first 24 hours, the homeowner must call their insurer, collect their personal documents, turn off utilities and find other accommodations for the family. All of these tasks are important, and various organizations can help. Below, homeowners can learn more about the recovery process after fire and smoke damage in Sacramento CA.

Drying Out After the Fire

While most house fire victims want water damage restoration greater Sacramento CA as quickly as possible, it can be dangerous to go back into the home before it’s declared safe by a fire marshal. A fire damage restoration company can remove debris and things that aren’t salvageable, and it can start the drying-out process. Mold and mildew can start growing within 24 hours of a fire if the home isn’t properly dried, and the restoration company will create as much circulation and ventilation as possible.


The restoration company will remove window treatments, clothing and drapes from the home, hanging them outside to remove odors and excessive moisture. An extraction machine can be used to remove moisture from carpeted floors to prevent mold buildup. If more than two days have gone by since the fire, the carpet and padding may be discarded. When required, the company will use strong cleaners that can get rid of strong smoke odors within the home.

Protecting Property

Most fire and smoke damage in Sacramento CA is an unexpected event, but there are steps homeowners can take to protect themselves. Important documents, such as receipts for household appliances, birth certificates, passports, Social Security cards and banking information should be kept in a fire-resistant safe or in another safe place.

Make an Emergency Contact List

In addition to the important documents listed in the paragraph above, homeowners should keep contact information for their local utilities, insurance company, bank, relatives and friends in an easily accessible, safe place. If a house fire occurs and important information isn’t kept safe, the family could lose all of its identification and financial records.

Hire a Water Damage Restoration Pro

A homeowner needing help with mold removal Orangevale CA after a house fire should call a smoke damage restoration service. Professional contractors and technicians have substantial experience in removing smoke odors, fire damage, mildew and mold remediation Sacramento CA that are common in fire- and water-damaged environments.

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