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Facts Concerning Fire Damage Restoration in Sacramento CA

fire damage smoke damage water damageWhenever there is a fire in a home, it usually stays with a variety of different types of smoke damage, damage to the structure and general destruction. Dealing with clutter, cleaning and repairs can be overwhelming, especially when the owner is still trying to make sense of what happened in the first place. This type of event is very difficult to treat, and brings its own psychological and emotional problems, besides the obvious confusion. While you can save a significant amount of time and headaches by having a professional in fire and smoke damage in Orangevale CA take care of cleaning the property from top to bottom, there are some things you should keep in mind during the process.

The first thing is air pollution indoors. Even if you do not know this already, the air in a home can be as “damaged” as the walls, furniture and carpets. In most cases, a person’s first reaction will be to open all doors and windows to ventilate the house as much as possible. Follow this instinct, but go a step further to help speed up the process. After a fire in a home, the owner should do everything in their power to get as much dirt, smoke, and soot out of the air in the home. Create wind tunnels throughout the house, strategically placing fans that the direct air traffic through the windows and doors. This is a great step in fire damage restoration in Sacramento CA.

If there are areas of the home that had remained relatively intact, close the doors to those rooms, so to avoid sending any unnecessary smoke and soot into them. Go through the house methodically, putting fans to help carry along this nasty pollution. If your house has central heating and air, be sure to change the air filters every day until clean. This is important when dealing with mold removal Sacramento CA as well. Do not let the smoke and soot into air ducts.

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One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of smoke damage and mold remediation Orangevale CA is to remove soot and particles from surfaces, crevices and corners through a home. An important thing to remember is that despite the soot looking “dusty”, it is actually a fatty substance. When cleaning surfaces, try not to rub around, as this may make the problem worse. Try to clear as much of it as possible while maintaining a vacuum slightly above the surface in question. A professional in water damage restoration greater Sacramento CA can help with this.