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Landlords Should Hire a Team for Help With Fire and Smoke Damage in Folsum CA

If one owns multiple rental homes, they understand most of the risks involved and they take steps to protect themselves and their property. No matter how diligent one is, however, they’re still forced to rely upon tenants not to make disastrous mistakes. That trust can be misplaced at times, and fire and smoke damage in Folsum CA is a common issue. If one rents properties or is thinking of becoming a landlord, they should be aware of some of the facts related to house fires.

Frequency of Fire Department Response

According to the Centers for Disease Control, US fire departments responded to over 384,000 house fires back in 2010 and numbers have risen since then. That works out to over 1000 devastating fires each and every day, and fire damage restoration is needed in many cases.

At-Risk Groups

The CDC also says that the groups most at risk for house fires are the very young and the very old. Children under the age of four and adults over 65 are the most likely to die in a house fire. Landlords renting to families with elderly or young household members should take extra steps, such as installing additional smoke detectors, to reduce the risk of fire.

Fatalities and Smoke Detectors

Aside from the severe damage and the need for water damage restoration greater Folsum CA, fires are a devastating force that can result in loss of life. According to the CDC, over one-third of fire fatalities occur in homes without smoke alarms.

The Dangers of Winter

Certain facts make more sense when the entire country is considered. This is especially true during the winter months, as many areas get very cold. The CDC goes on to state that the majority of house fires occur during the heating season.

The Relationship Between Fire and Alcohol Consumption

It’s well known that alcohol consumption adversely affects users’ reaction times and judgment, and it’s thought to be a factor in over 40% of home fire fatalities. Landlords should consider such facts when evaluating prospective tenants, and they should install extra warning devices in most cases.

Landlords must evaluate many factors when renting to new tenants, and fire and smoke damage in Folsum CA is an important consideration. One may have already insured their properties against unexpected losses, but they should go one step further and enlist the help of a disaster cleanup team in the event of a fire. Those lacking assistance with mold removal Orangevale CA should call to learn how the team can help with mold remediation Sacramento CA.

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