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Recovering After Fire and Smoke Damage in Folsom CA

fire smoke water damage water smoke mold removalHouse fires are devastating experiences, and the experts understand how difficult it can be to get everything back to normal after fire and smoke damage in Folsom CA. The situation is already stressful, but dealing with the insurance company can make it overwhelming. Below are some tips to make the claims process simpler, and to simplify mold remediation and fire restoration.

Document All Correspondence

Homeowners should take steps to look out for themselves, and this is a great place to start. Retain detailed records of every interaction with the insurer, from letters to emails and phone calls. For the latter, write down the date, time and name of the person receiving the call. Print out emails and put them in a safe place, or save them in online storage if possible. This type of proof can be useful in cases where it’s the adjuster’s word against the claimant’s

Take Photos

While the adjuster will certainly come out to take pictures of the fire damage before mold removal Orangevale CA, one shouldn’t rely solely upon them. Homeowners should take their own photos, showing the damage to the home as well as to personal items. The owner knows the home better than anyone else, and while it may be emotionally difficult, documenting the damage is an important step in protecting the property’s value before, during and after the restoration process.

Don’t be Pushed Into Accepting Reimbursement

The homeowner shouldn’t accept a reimbursement offer for fire and smoke damage in Folsom CA until they’ve reviewed the details and are comfortable with the amount. If in doubt, the property owner should ask for an explanation of the insurer’s figure, and they shouldn’t take an offer that covers only cosmetic damage. By hiring a fire damage restoration company, the homeowner can ensure that all structure damage has been assessed, and that the right repairs will be made.

Choose a Restoration Company That Bills Insurance Directly

Direct billing provides peace of mind to the homeowner, and it greatly simplifies the reimbursement process. There’s a lot to think of after water damage restoration greater Folsom CA, and it is very helpful when the restoration company sends the bill directly to the insurer. The claims process can be confusing for homeowners, because most aren’t familiar with it. By letting the experts take over the claims and repair processes, the homeowner can work on getting back into a normal routine after a house fire or mold remediation Sacramento CA.

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