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Articles on Mold, Water Damage, and Restoration

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Save Replacement Costs with Professional Water Removal in Sacramento CA

Residential or commercial, disasters come in all types. Storm damage, flooding, fire, burst pipes and other causes can leave a property susceptible to structural devastation, loss of contents including personal belongings, and even health hazards. Fortunately there are teams of trained and certified professionals standing by to respond to these emergencies 24/7. Homeowners can be especially prone to trying…

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Important Information on Water Removal in Sacramento CA

Restoration companies help to restore homes after disasters like floods and fires occur. They come in and take care of the damage and repairs that are needed so the home is brought back to its original condition. With water removal in Sacramento CA, a home can be protected from further damage and properly restored. Those who have never…

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Does Your Home or Business Need Water Removal in Sacramento CA?

When it comes to damage being done to a home, mold, water and fire are the three biggest threats. A flood can easily happen during a storm that suddenly drops a tremendous amount of rain. They can also occur due to broken pipes. When water enters a home, it often does not come in alone. Flood waters often…

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Water Removal in Orangevale CA Homes Is Not a DIY Job

Take your pick of these scenarios: A) Your son forgot to mention he opened his bedroom window right before the whole family left for a two-week vacation. Fortunately, no one discovered the opening, or robbed your home while you were out of town. Unfortunately, it was repeatedly soaked by the automatic lawn sprinkler, and now…

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Trust a Professional Water Removal Service in Orangevale CA

The power of water is never more evident than when it invades your home or business. It can not only damage valuables like rugs, furnishings, and electronics, it can cause serious structural damage, leaving a building unsafe to enter. There are also biological hazards to consider since water left standing for any serious length of…

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Flooding? Water Removal In Orangevale, CA Services Are Available

When a pipe breaks or flooding occurs and the building has standing water, there are good services available to remove that dirty water and even mold that may develop from the moisture. Perhaps the problem was fire, not flooding. When the fire department puts out a fire they use lots of water. In addition to…

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The Benefits of Professional Water Removal in Orangevale CA

Floods, broken plumbing pipes and fire and smoke damage in Orangevale CA all leave behind the need for professional assistance to prevent the damage moisture can create. Mold and mildew are issues that can destroy furniture, flooring and wall coverings. They are irritants to healthy individuals and can be devastating to the health of those…

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The Dangers of Mold in the Home

Mold is in each breath a person takes, and spores are floating all around us. Mold plays a key role in the decomposition process and it is an ingredient in things as various as penicillin and cheese. If mold grows unchecked inside the home it can damage a family’s health and the home itself. The…

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Testimonials and Reviews

  Client Testimonials Jeff Apperson I appreciate Water Smoke & Mold Removal’s fast response time. I honestly think they are the best property mitigation and restoration company to work with. Kevin Okino My experience was adequate and thorough. We had some mold in our house and we looked on Angie’s list. We found a evaluation company…

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