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Tips for Water Removal in Elk Grove CA

water mold damage water smoke moldWater damage is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only can it leave an unbelievable mess, it can put a strain on a homeowner’s finances and state of mind. Damage can occur during heavy floods, when a pipe bursts, or when a drain clogs. Regardless of the reason, an immediate response can mitigate the damage. Below are five things to do at the first sign of fire and smoke damage in Elk Grove CA, along with some tips that can help them lessen the damage and get back to normal faster.

Call an Expert

Water damage can affect property values as well as the family’s health, safety and finances. There’s a lot at stake, which means that the homeowner should call a water damage restoration company. The experts have the skills and knowledge to find and treat the causes of water damage. When the damage is properly addressed, homeowners can save on rebuilding costs.

Call the Insurer

Emergency water removal in Elk Grove CA might not be covered under the homeowner’s insurance police. However, an emergency isn’t the time to review policy documents—it’s best to call the insurer as soon as possible after damage occurs. If the situation isn’t covered, the insurer may recommend an option to help the homeowner cover the cost of restoration.

Stop the Flow

While waiting for the restoration crew to arrive, the homeowner should shut off the home’s main water supply to keep the damage from becoming worse. During a flood, it’s best to turn off the main gas and electricity supplies as well. When in doubt, call the utility company for assistance.

Protect Valuables

To prevent further damage to valuables, they should be put out of reach of the water flow. Gather belongings such as jewelry, money and documents, and put them in offsite storage or in another area where water can’t easily get to them during mold remediation Roseville CA.

Assess and Document the Damage

Take note of ruined belongings and document other damage before calling the restoration company for mold removal Roseville CA. Taking photos can prove beneficial at claim time, if the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the damage.

Why It’s Important to Address Water Damage

Water damage can have serious effects on the family’s health and upon property values, and rebuilding costs can be high. However, addressing the problem in a timely fashion with water damage restoration greater Elk Grove CA can help to mitigate the damage.

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