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Using Water Removal In Orangevale CA After A Flood Or Fire

fire damage smoke damage water damageWhen a home sustains a great deal of water within the interior due to a flood or fire situation, it will be necessary to administer water removal in Orangevale CA. Removing water immediately can minimize the risk of structural damage, personal possession loss, and mold growth. Here are some steps to take when dealing with excessive water due to flooding or as a result from battling fire and smoke damage in Orangevale CA.

When starting a water damage restoration greater Sacramento CA, it is very important to make sure anyone working in the affected area has one the right clothing to protect their skin. Working with flood water can cause health risks due to bacteria. Long-sleeved shirts, pants, waders or long boots, gloves, and safety goggles should be worn to help keep the skin and eyes protected from water. Many people will call a restoration service to do the job rather than undertake it themselves. It may become necessary to start the job if there are several homes in the area needing service, however if there are limited workers in the area.

First, the water should be removed using a water pump if possible. Make sure the water is directed toward a lower level than the home’s foundation so it does not make its way back into the exterior of the home. If there is no power source available, water will need to be removed using buckets. Having several people help will be beneficial.

When the water level drops, towels can be used to sop up any remaining moisture. The home will need to be aired out for several days. Open all windows and doors so cross-ventilation is present. Afterwards, use a dehumidifier and oscillating fans to help dry the area.

Any surfaces touched by water will need to be cleaned down using a commercial-grade detergent. If there is a need for mold removal Sacramento CA, a service offering mold remediation Orangevale CA would need to be called to do an assessment of the structure. Carpeting should be removed as it often harbors mold spores within the padding. Wet drywall should also be removed because it can start growing black mold if spores are present within the material. A mold remediation will completely cleanse all surfaces in question and will remove any molded areas if necessary. A contractor may need to be called to rebuild any areas where mold may have been present.

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