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Water Removal in Orangevale CA Homes Is Not a DIY Job

Take your pick of these scenarios: A) Your son forgot to mention he opened his bedroom window right before the whole family left for a two-week vacation. Fortunately, no one discovered the opening, or robbed your home while you were out of town. Unfortunately, it was repeatedly soaked by the automatic lawn sprinkler, and now your son’s bedroom is a disaster. B) The upstairs washing machine developed a problem while everyone was out of the house. For eight hours, the water ran, filled the tub, overflowed, and flowed and flowed – out the door, down the hallway, through the ceiling, into the room below and onto the porch. C) Blame the toddler and his fascination with flushing the toilet for this one. He “bye-byed” one stuffed animal too many, and the resulting overflow has created stinky carpets, a noxious odor and children who now refuse to use the “icky” potty.

What these scenarios and hundreds more similar to them share is the common theme of water where water shouldn’t be. As necessary and sustaining as water is to human life, it serves us best when it stays where we need it to be: within river banks, channeled within pipes, and inside the vessels where we tend to use it such as tubs, toilets and washing machines. Water outside of its natural or practical confines has, surprisingly, as much potential for destruction as fire. Furthermore, most of the time, it is far more subtle and insidious. When water finds its way into unexpected places within human habitation, it encourages the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, all of which can be hazardous to the home’s inhabitants.

It is essential, therefore, when water is found in locations where it doesn’t belong, to quickly contact a company that specializes in water removal in Orangevale CA. The same company that removes fire and smoke damage in Orangevale CA is the one to call for mold remediation Orangevale CA, as well. For those closer to Sacramento, any reputable company that offers water damage restoration greater Sacramento CA will also provide services for home mold removal Sacramento CA. Such companies have high-grade moisture meters able to detect excessive moisture levels in structures where there may be a leak (such as inside a wall) but without detectable standing water. They also have the ability to measure the actual mold spore count within the air, unequivocally determining the presence of health-compromising mold.