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What Homeowners Need To Know About Professional Water Removal In Orangevale CA

frozen-pipe-leaking-water (1)When water floods a home it can cause damage to floors, walls, furniture and personal belongings. In addition to water damage, mold can begin to grow in the home within 24 hours. To keep your home and belongings safe from ruin and to keep your family healthy, contact a qualified company that specializes in water removal in Orangevale CA as soon as possible. Below you’ll learn information about hiring professionals for water cleanup and mold removal in your home.

Water Cleanup

When a homeowner contacts a water damage restoration greater Sacramento CA area company, a crew arrives to the home quickly, any time day or night. After accessing the damage and testing the moisture levels, the crew immediately begins the drying process. This includes using high performance equipment, such as dehumidifiers and powerful drying machines, so that the water evaporates as quickly as possible. The room temperature is also monitored as the level of humidity in the home also affects the drying time. After the restoration crew is finished, the entire home and the damaged contents will be fully restored. This includes the drywall in the house, furniture and carpeting. Personal belongings that were once water soaked, such as photographs, collectibles and clothing will be completely dried and restored.

Mold Removal

The areas of the home that sustained water damage are highly susceptible to mold growth. After the water removal is complete, an experienced mold removal Sacramento CA area crew must come into the home and remove the mold. Mold grows fast and it releases dangerous mold spores into the air. Individuals in the home can easily breathe in the mold spores and this can cause breathing problems. The mold remediation Orangevale CA area crew begins by identifying all areas of the house that contain mold. Some mold is in plain sight and can be seen but most of the time there’s additional mold in the home that’s hiding from view, such as behind walls and under carpeting. The remediation crew carefully removes the mold by using special cleaners and then disinfects all contaminated surfaces. The professionals also remove any offensive odors in the home that were caused by the water damage, mold and mildew.

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In addition to water removal services and mold remediation, professional companies also clean up houses that have fire and smoke damage in Orangevale CA. All of these services greatly benefit homeowners because they can quickly return to their homes without worrying about safety issues.