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What Should Homeowners Do When They are Dealing With Fire and Smoke Damage in Folsom CA

fire damage smoke damage water damageWhen a fire breaks out in a home, the end result can be devastating. Not only must homeowners face fire and smoke damage in Folsom CA but they must also must deal with water damage. Thankfully, there are restoration companies that can take care of the cleanup and restoration so a home can be restored. It is vital homeowners act quickly and hire a company as soon as possible so the damage to their home does not continue.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe their home is no longer being damaged once the fire has been put out. Unfortunately, ash and soot are very corrosive and will cause damage to all porous surfaces as long as it is left in place. When the professionals come in, they can work to quickly remove the ash, soot, and water, along with the odors that permeate the home after a fire.

The first goal after a fire is to take care of water damage restoration greater Folsom CA. If any water is left behind, it will need to be removed quickly. Too much moisture in a home can lead to mold and mildew growth which would then cause a home to need mold remediation Sacramento CA. Mold and mildew will begin growing as soon as twenty-four hours after water is left standing in a home.

The team will work to remove all damaged materials in the home and then clean up what can be repaired. If ash is left in place, it will etch glass, cause metal corrosion, and cause discoloration in the walls, carpeting, and appliances. If the team comes in quickly, these issues can be avoided. Care must be taken in the process of cleaning up after fire and smoke damage in Folsom CA because ash can easily become airborne and spread throughout the home, causing further damage and the need for cleanup.

These restoration companies work with the homeowner and their insurance company to ensure the home is properly restored. Special cleaning methods and detergents are used to remove the odors of smoke that can permeate a home for weeks without intervention. Because this is a very detailed process, homeowners should never attempt to clean up their home on their own.

If your home has been damaged because of fire and smoke or you need mold removal Orangevale CA, it is crucial you call in a professional remediation company. These companies are available 24/7 for emergency calls and can help you restore your home back to normal after disaster hits.

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